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Dried bird nest is recommended to be stored in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture. Bird nest can be kept up to 3 years. It is generally not recommended to keep the bird nest in the fridge, it must be stored until it’s ready to be served.

Bird’s nest safe for almost all men, women and children to consume. But not for those with protein allergies, babies under four months of age, people with colds and fevers, and untreated or cancer patients.

You can consume it daily. The Optimal amount of birds nest to consume is 3-5g daily. Any more would be a waste to our body. Do not overtake the bird’s nest soup as the human body has a limit on how much nutrients can absorb at a given time. Extra nutrients that are not absorbed are excreted from the body.

Avoid acidic, spicy, tea and oily foods while eating bird’s nest, & also avoid any contact to smoking habit. If you take medicine during the period, it is not recommended to take bird’s nest at the same time. You may have it after 2-4 hours.

It is not recommended to take bird’s nest at the same time as western medicine. You may have the bird nest soup after 2-4hours.

Of course not! The natural color of bird nest is yellowish, cloudy grey or ivory white. Only the bird nest that has been treated with chemical will be pure white.

This is a myth that some red bird’s nest is because of the blood from swiftlets. Some bird’s nest from certain caves and regions are reddish due to minerals absorbed from the cave or from oxidation.

Pure water must be used to bath the bird’s nest. The ideal soaking time is about 4-6 hours.

Steaming is the best, this is the best ways to maximize the nutrients. Direct boiling or heating will caused loss of nutrients.

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The bird nest soup is a good food supplement for children. As bird’s nest contains 50% of protein by weight, essential amino acids, and trace elements which able to stimulate a child’s digestive system for the healthy development. Trace elements are useful to enhance memory in children as well.

Whole Bird’s Nest
Whole Bird’s Nest is the complete cup-shaped bird’s nest which is the best grade of bird’s nest. The shape is large and full, with a high density of fine fibers, just like the original 180° anglednests built on the wooden boards of the swiftlet farm.


Bird’s Nest Filaments
Some of the Whole Bird’s Nest gets broken during the process of picking feathers, packaging or transportation and becomes an incomplete cup-shape. These broken pieces of Whole Bird’s Nest are Bird’s Nest Strips. The texture is not as good as Whole Bird’s Nest but the nutritional value is the same. Since it’s not in complete cup-shape, the price is lower than Whole Bird’s Nest.


Bird’s Nest Horn
These are the horny bases which support both ends of the nest. It is the most concentrated areas of swiftlet saliva, thus harder and requiring a longer time to soak.


Bird’s Nest Biscuit
Bird’s Nest Biscuits are shaped in a cup-shape mold using Bird’s Nest Strips, Bird’s Nest Thin Strips and Bird’s Nest Fragments. The price of Bird’s Nest Biscuits is relatively lower.


Bird’s Nest Fragment
Small pieces or fragments of bird’s nests that get broken during the processes of cleaning right down to packaging are normally used to make Bird’s Nest Biscuits.


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