Chinese New Year Gift Set


On The Go Series (x5)
• Jujube Wolfberries
• Pandan
• American Ginseng
• Rose
• Classic Rock Sugar

Gift Box includes:
– Nuts x3
– Fruit Tea
– Pineapple Tart
– Royalc Birdnest Special Edition Red Packet
– Royalc Birdnest Calligraphy Card

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Benefits of Bird’s Nest:
– Enhances and boosts immune system
– Daily nourishment
– Energy boosting
– Epidermic growth factor to regenerate and repair cells
– Beauty support

Suitable for:
– All ages especially seniors & children
– Recovering patients with weak body
– Ladies’ daily beauty care regimen
– Mom-to-be who require prenatal nourishment
– Mom-to-be who require postnatal nourishment

Not Suitable for/when:
– Fever and Flu condition
– Infant not more than 4 months old
– Protein allergies
– Untreated or cancer patients

Type of Bird’s Nest : House Bird’s Nest
Origin : Kedah , Perak and Perlis
All Bird’s Nest are manufactured and made in Malaysia
Halal, HACCP, GMP, KKM certified
NO bleaching
NO preservatives
NO chemical throughout cleaning

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American Ginseng, Dried Rose, Osmanthus Flower